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Wychwood Feather Fishing Fly Line Floater

Wychwood Feather Fishing Fly Line Floater


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The Feather Floating Fly Line is a superb floating fly line with a taper set up for the most delicate situations. This fly line is perfect for those tricky situations where optimum stealth is needed. It’s design will ensure that you can deliver a fly with ease and optimal delicacy to avoid spooking fish feeding on or near the surface of the water. The taper will provide you with pin-point accuracy while the line's super bouyant core enables it to sit high on the water, allowing for fast lift off and bite detection.

  • 1 x Wychwood Feather Floating Fly Line.
  • Size: WF2.
  • Ensures stealth, delicacy and finesse.
  • Casts like a dream with its long slender body.
  • Pin-point accuracy and presentation thanks to the fine front taper.
  • High floating with a super buoyant coating.
  • Welded loop at front end.

The Feather Floating Fly Line is ideal for river fishing and still water situations where accuracy and delicate presentations of one or two flies is a must.

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