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Shimano GRX STI STRX400 Right Hand 10 Speed Rear Bike Shifter

Shimano GRX STI STRX400 Right Hand 10 Speed Rear Bike Shifter


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Enhance your cycling experience with the Genuine Shimano GRX Hydraulic Disc Brake STI's. These high-quality replacement parts from Shimano provide exceptional control, modulation, and power with minimal effort, ensuring optimal performance in all riding conditions.

Key Features:

  • Control, Modulation, and Power: The GRX hydraulic disc brake STI's deliver precise control, excellent modulation, and reliable stopping power. Experience confident braking performance that allows you to navigate any terrain with ease.
  • Raised Hood Head: The raised hood head design prevents hand misalignment and slippage, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip on the brake lever. Enjoy enhanced control and confidence during your rides.
  • Anti-Slip Texture and Brake Lever Coating: The anti-slip texture and brake lever coating improve braking efficiency and reduce fatigue on long rides. Maintain a firm and confident grip on the brake levers for consistent and reliable braking performance.
  • Right Hand 10-Speed Lever: This Shimano replacement part is designed as a right-hand 10-speed lever, allowing seamless shifting and precise gear changes.
  • Weight: Weighing only 307g, these hydraulic disc brake STI's offer a lightweight construction without compromising on durability or performance. Reduce overall weight and enjoy a responsive and agile ride.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Begin by removing the existing brake lever assembly from your bike's handlebar.
  • Ensure the brake lever assembly is compatible with your bike's specifications and the GRX hydraulic disc brake STI's.
  • Align the GRX hydraulic disc brake STI with the handlebar and slide it into position.
  • Securely tighten the clamp bolt to ensure a snug fit.
  • Connect the hydraulic brake hose to the corresponding port on the brake lever assembly, ensuring a secure and tight connection.
  • Bleed the hydraulic system if necessary, following Shimano's recommended bleeding procedure.
  • Double-check all connections and ensure they are tightened properly.
  • Test the brake lever operation and ensure smooth and responsive braking.

Upgrade your bike with the Genuine Shimano GRX Hydraulic Disc Brake STI's and enjoy superior braking performance and control. Don't compromise on safety or efficiency during your rides. Order your replacement part today and experience the Shimano difference firsthand.

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