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Park Tool PP-1.2 Hydraulic Brake Piston Disc Brake Tool

Park Tool PP-1.2 Hydraulic Brake Piston Disc Brake Tool


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?Park Tool Hydraulic Brake Piston Press

The unique, wedge-shaped PP-1.2 slides into a hydraulic disc brake caliper to preset the piston when replacing pads, aligning pads, and performing other service procedures. This piston press tool makes hydraulic disc brake maintenance and repair faster and easier.

The Park Tool PP-1.2 simply slides between the brake pads inside a caliper allowing the user to spread the pads and compress the pistons when servicing pads or wheels. The PP-1.2 expands the gap between the pads, making it easy to insert the disk between the pads when reinstalling a caliper or wheel. "Sure Grip" dual density handle provides a positive grip.The PP-1.2 fits the Shimano® XTR® caliper bodies.


  • Allows faster and easier maintenance.
  • 'Sure Grip' dual density handle.
  • Compatible with Shimano XTR calipers.

A must have tool for any enthusiast cycle mechanic whether it be at home or in the professional bicycle workshop.

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