Kryptonite Evolution 1016 10mm 160cm Integrated Bike Chain Lock

Kryptonite Evolution 1016 10mm 160cm Integrated Bike Chain Lock


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Kryptonite Evolution 1016 Integrated Chain Lock - Gold Sold Secure

  • The Evolution Series 4 Integrated Chains are for convenient bicycle protection in moderate to high crime areas.
  • The hardened triple heat-treated boron manganese steel chains include 10mm six-sided links.
  • The integrated chains secure with a new patent-pending integrated Evolution series 4 lock head.
  • This innovative series of chains also feature a patent-pending pin-less design which secures the chain to a hardened deadbolt and allows for no weak leak in the chain due to extensive holding power of the link itself against attacks.
  • Chains are enclosed in a nylon-webbing sleeve to protect paint from scratches and allow for easy portability and tight coiling during storage.
  • Comes with 3 stainless steel keys including a lighted LED key with replaceable battery and 2 new, ergonomic 'I' keys One key is lighted for easy access at night; replaceable battery insures that light can be used as long as the lock.
  • The new 'I' keys make opening a disc-style cylinder much smoother.
  • Approved to Gold Sold Secure standard.
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