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Bike Lock OnGuard Doberman 8030 Combination Bike Cable Lock

Bike Lock OnGuard Doberman 8030 Combination Bike Cable Lock


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The OnGuard range offers cutting edge top quality locks for your bike. The OnGuard brand specialises in locks not only for bikes, but motorbikes and power sports vehicles as well. The OnGuard Bicycle locks are categorised based on a High, Superior and Ultimate level to help finding the right lock for your needs.

The Doberman 8030 Combo Cable Lock is a Steel Ball Combo lock permanently forged to a heavy-duty 185cm x 15mm self rolling-cable. This lock offers High level security in medium to low risk situations. The Doberman 8030 Combo Cable Lock is light weight, easy to carry and offers bike riders fast and convenient security with added locking versatility. This lock comes with heavy-duty steel cables permanently forged to lock heads for added security. The cables are vinyl coated to protect paint and finishes. The user settable combination lock features a reliable steel ball click-combo-gear system with 10,000 possible combinations, so you never have to deal with the inconvenience of lost lock keys. The Doberman 8030 Lock is perfect for the busy bike rider on the go.

  • Model: OnGuard Doberman 8030 Combo Cable Lock.
  • High level security protection in low to medium risk situations.
  • OnGuard Security Rating: 43/100.
  • Reliable user settleable steel ball click-click-combo-gear system with 10,000 possible combinations (instructions included).
  • Heavy duty steel, self coiling cables for ease.
  • Permanently forged cable ends to lock heads.
  • Attached straps contain unruly coils during transport.
  • Double rubber coated lock head covers protect paint and finishes.
  • Carry bracket included.
  • Suitable for bikes and power sport vehicles.
  • Cable dimensions: 185cm x 15mm.
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