Since their birth back in 2014 Xootz have made it their duty to get kids out exploring.
Away with the super expensive, delicate, boring stuff - Xootz create things which perform like market leaders, look cooler and that kids won’t be petrified of scratching.



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Stunt Scooter Xootz Large WheeledXootz Large Wheeled Stunt Scooter
Xootz Xootz Large Wheeled Stunt Scooter
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Outdoor Toy Xootz Viper Go KartXootz Viper Go Kart Outdoor Toy
Xootz Xootz Viper Go Kart Outdoor Toy
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Skateboard Xootz Doublekick 31"
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Skateboard Xootz PP Skateboard LED 22" Black/Green
Xootz Xootz PP Skateboard LED 22" Black/Green Skateboard
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Outdoor Toy Xootz Pogo Stick
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Outdoor Toy Xootz Trike PurpleOutdoor Toy Xootz Trike Green
Xootz Xootz Trike Outdoor Toy
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Stunt Scooter Xootz Bubble
Stunt Scooter Xootz Pulse Black/WhiteStunt Scooter Xootz Pulse Purple/Green
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