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MET Manta Cycling Helmet

MET Manta Cycling Helmet


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When it comes to aerodynamics the Manta Road Helmet is all about saving precious power through incredible aerodynamic performance - as you go faster the savings increase, effectively boosting efficiency, you'll achieve the same speeds with less power requirement. Look it as an investment in free speed. While you'll be enjoying the aero gains you won't be suffering from heat build-up though, the NACA crown duct and optimally positioned vents providing an incredible level of cooling airflow, without any subsequent increase in drag. It's as cool as it is fast.

Of course, speed isn't much good if you feel uncomfortable, which is why MET give the Manta their Safe-T Advanced micrometrical fit system so you can dial in the helmet to hold firm without excess pressure. A large cradle surface boosts comfort without adding weight and the open design optimises moisture management to the back of the head.

While the Safe-T Advanced system deals with helmet hold the Dual gel pad takes care of comfort at the front. These innovative pads conform to your head shape, actively cool the forehead and with a hypoallergenic and antibacterial action ensures all-day freshness, stops odours and prevents the dreaded helmet head itch. Across the rest of the helmet polyurethane soft padding improves the fit and affords a comfy fit.

At just 200g the Manta is also impressively light for an aero focused helmet and when combined with the lightweight fit system and gel pads you have a helmet that leads when it comes to comfort, protection and race-winning aerodynamics.

  • Saves an incredible 10 watts at 50km/h.
  • Outer shell construction: Integral in-moulding
  • EPS liner technology: In-moulding EPS intelligent fusion
  • Air lite straps and anti-pinch buckle
  • Aerodynamic strap anchor design
  • Safe-t advanced, 360 degrees retention system
  • Dual gel front pad - hypoallergenic, anti-odour, cooling


  • Matt Glossy
  • Iridescent Matt
  • Red Matt
  • Blue Matt
  • Grey
  • White Matt

Size Guide

Measurement is taken around your head, above the ears

  • Small: 52/56cm
  • Medium: 54/58cm
  • Large: 58/61cm
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