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Adie Universal Bike Stabiliser Bolt Extension

Adie Universal Bike Stabiliser Bolt Extension


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  • Description:

1x Stabiliser Extension Bolt - 3/8" ThreadMany kids still use stabilisers when they get to geared bikes with 20" wheels. These extension bolt enable you to keep the gears on the bike and fit your stabilisers.By removing the standard wheel nut on the gear side of the bike you can fit the extension bolt. This extends the length of your axle past the gear deraillieur so the stabilisers won't foul.Features:

  • Easy fit stabiliser extension bolts with 3/8" thread.
  • Fit most kids bikes from 12"- 20" Wheel.
  • Strong steel bolt.

Please Note:

Please be aware that these extension bolts come in two different sizes (10mm or 3/8") due to different sized axles on kids bikes. Please make sure you are getting the right size for the axle that they will be used on.

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