Running Clothing Buying Guide

Running Clothing Buying Guide

Running socks are often overlooked as an important piece of kit. When trainers can cost a lot of money, they can soon become very uncomfortable if teamed up with a non-sports sock! Comfort in the feet is really important when running and as such most runners do use specific running socks, there are many designs, varying padding levels, colours and lengths.

Anti-Blister technology

    Blistering is a common injury from running longer distances and as such anti blister socks have now hot the market, these are a two-layer design to stop the skin rubbing against the sock material, the friction is reduced by the two layers moving against each other.


    This is down to personal choice, some runners prefer minimal padding for a more natural feel, while others want all the padding they can get. If padding is opted for, the heel and ball of the foot are often the areas that are padded, this can make the run more comfortable and help reduce the risk of injury.

Ankle Support

    Some socks offer increased grip around the ankle with elasticated material to provide added support.

Arch Support

    Some socks offer elasticated mid sections like lycra to try keep the sock from slipping out of place when in use.

Compression Socks

    These socks are long and often go part or all the way up the calf, The idea is to provide consistent pressure to the lower leg to improve blood circulation and performance.


    Cotton is the most popular material, however there are now merino wool socks which are cool in summer and offer warmth in winter.
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