Running Accessories Buying Guide

Running Accessories Buying Guide

There are hundreds of pieces of kit that can make all the difference to the enjoyment of your run be that in a training session for an event, during an event or just running for fun. Here are some common accessories;

Smartphone Carriers

    As the name suggests these are specially designed cases to house your phone on your arm or wrist, so you can run to music or track your run with an app, and many also have pockets to store money, medication, keys or energy gels. Most smartphone carriers have a clear front so you can see the screen and make on the move adjustments. You just need to make sure you choose the right model for your phone, most of the popular brands are catered for.

Training Packs and Belts

    These are becoming very popular and come I a range of different sizes and shapes. They vary depending upon distance really, as the larger ones hold more equipment for longer distances. The Nathan 5K Belt is very popular and comes in a few colours, Training Pack are a bounce free and chafe free way to carry your running essentials such as energy gels, house or car keys, money, a phone iPod.

Hydration Waist Packs

    Hydration Waste packs are ideal for carrying all your essentials as well as bottles for hydration. They are very popular for longer distance events like marathons, and triathlons. They also come in a variety of different sizes and capacities.

Hydration handhelds

    Nathan do a great range of these, and they are essentially water bottles with storage built on so you can run and carry everything easily in one hand, again there are a number of different styles and sizes, the iPhone ones are popular as are the new Exoshot range where the bottle can literally be squeezed in your hand and the water shot straight into your mouth with little effort.


    As in cycling, visibility is also important in running, so we stock a range of clip on lights, that can easily be added to your run clothing, we also sell arm and trainer lights such as the Nathan Lightbender (for arms) and the Nathan Lightspur which fits neatly to the back of your running trainers. In addition to this, reflective stickers are great as are reflective ankle and arm bands, or specific lightweight reflective vests like the Nathan Bandolier.
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