Fishing Accessories Buying Guide

Fishing Accessories Buying Guide

As with any sport, there are many different pieces of kit that are available to support and enhance your fishing experience, in addition to the essential rods, reels and lines. We stock a wide range of fishing accessories and equipment.

Tackle & Bait Boxes

  • These come in a variety of shapes, designs and sizes and they are used to hold a Fisherman's gear such as lines, hooks, lures etc. Some have carrying straps, drawers and all are very well thought out to ensure all your essentials are at hand in an organised fashion.

Fishing Weight Scales

  • These are electronic scales so you can weigh your catch! There are many brands and designs available, included the popular T Bar design with an digital LCD display so you can easily see the weight of the fish.

Bite alarms

  • As the title suggests there are electronic sensors used to notify you if there is a bite on one or a number of lines. If using multi lines, then different coloured LEDS can be used for each bite alarm so you can quickly react to the effected rod.

Fishing Luggage & Transport

  • There are lots of different types of bags, transportation and luggage designed specifically for fishing. Such items are designed to help you transport, rods, reels, bait and accessories. We stock lots of different types of fishing luggage so do take a look and see what fits your needs.

Charis and Bedchairs

  • These are used to make a comfortable seating or sleeping platform for a fisherman. They can usually be folded so they are easy to transport and are often camouflaged or coloured to blend into the surroundings.

Rod Rests

  • As the name suggests trod rests are designed to allow you to rest the fishing rod(s) once they have been cast. We sell a number of different types of these and some come with useful carry bags.

Nets and Fish Handling

  • Such items include nets to handle caught fish which come in lots of different sizes and shapes, and also useful items like bags to store fish once caught.

Bivvies and Shelters

  • These are often used to protect a Fisherman from the weather and keep dry and warm, they are usually coloured to blend into the surroundings and can be used as bases for a bedchair and provide an area to prepare reels, lines and bait as well as a camping and food preparation area for the Fisherman.

Hooks & Floats

  • There are literally thousands of types of floats, and hooks available all designed for different fishing types and conditions. Most Fishermen have a number of different floats and hooks to be used dependant on the type of fish they are seeking to catch and the conditions they are presented with.

Cooking & Camping

  • Such items often go and in hand with fishing, and as such we stock a wide range of outdoor camping gear including mini stoves, cutlery, and torches to name a few, so please check out our Outdoor products I am sure you will see something that would be useful for your next fishing trip!

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