Cycling Gloves Buying Guide

Cycling Gloves Buying Guide

Short finger, long finger, waterproof or windproof? Cycling gloves are available in all manner of styles.

So which do you go for?

A short finger cycle mitt or glove is usually a summer glove. Many come with a padded palm to help reduce vibration to the hands. You want a snug fit to ensure the palm of the glove doesn't bunch up.

A long finger glove can be worn all year round however these are quite often kept as a glove for those colder months. Again many have a padded palm for comfort but you tend to find a few that are Mountain bike specific with small tabs of armour over the knuckles. Road specific long finger gloves tend to be much thinner without the armour.

As the weather turns you may want to add some water or windproof gloves to your collection. The price does tend to rise a bit here due to the technologies of material behind the proofing. More expensive winter gloves can be fleece lined, with a Gore-Tex outer making the material lightweight, breathable and waterproof. Some of the models available for sub-zero temperatures come as a two layered glove. The outer giving you the proofing and the inner merino wool liner giving you the warmth beneath the protective layers.

On your first cold ride out with them they will be worth every penny. The fingers are well insulated in most and the proofing will prevent the wind and water from chilling your pinkies. Winter gloves are available with different warmth properties so make sure you get what is suitable for the weather you intend to venture into.

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