Bike Bottle Cage Buying Guide

Bike Bottle Cage Buying Guide

Water Bottle Cages are available from just £6 to around £50. Rarely do you find steel cages if you do they are normally a high quality stainless steel. The majority of cages available are alloy or plastic. This enables them to keep the prices low. Many brands like Specialized and Trek offer plastic cages in various colours to match your bike and many brands now offer cages made out of carbon fibre for the serious road cyclist. The prices rise dramatically for these though, some for as much as £60.

Alloy and plastic water bottle cages start from around £6 and are available in top and side loading styles. With the growth in Road Bikes over the last few years, carbon fibre water bottle cages have also grown in popularity. PRO offer a great little range although this £60 retail price does put many off. Having said that if you own an expensive carbon road bike why would you not finish it off with a carbon water bottle cage?

Most bikes have the capability to fit two water bottle cages, one on the down tube and the other on the seat tube. They are simple to fit and usually only require a 4mm allen key to mount then to the frame. Brands like PRO and ONE23 also have tool bottles available. These are small plastic cups with a lid to keep your spare tube and tools inside. These are used by more and more cyclists now instead of saddle bags.


You can buy bottles from most sports outlets now for very little. So why spend more on a bottle? Cheap bottles can cost as little as £1.99 however these are prone to leaking a little. Many of the more expensive cycling bottles have a rubber mouth piece. This helps seal the bottle so your energy drink doesn't leak over your frame whilst cycling. They also have a larger lid than most so you can easily add energy powders to your water.

Camelbak are well known for their hydration packs however they also have a huge range of bottles available too. These come in varying sizes and all have a patented mouth piece that is easy drink from but can also lock shut. They even have bottles that measure how much you drink and bottles that can purify water.

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