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XLC CL-E15 With Indicators Rear Bike Light

XLC CL-E15 With Indicators Rear Bike Light


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  • Item Description:

A versatile accessory, the bright XLC CL-E15 flashing light is capable of functioning as a normal rear light as well as an indicator (also known as a turning signal or blinker). Remotely controlled, the light flashes to indicate a left or right turn.

  • Also functions as a normal rear light, steady and intermittent mode
  • Remotely controlled bright flashing light for turning left/right
  • Incl. remote control for handlebar
  • Lithium-polymer battery 3.7V/800mAh for turning light with overcharge detection & over-discharge detection
  • CR2032
  • Toolless assembly - Yes
  • Rechargeable lighting - Yes
  • Mounting on bike - Handlebar
  • Lighting power source - Battery Pack
  • On/Off/Flashing
  • Lighting battery level indicator - Yes
  • LED lights - Yes
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