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Shimano 105 5800 Tiagra 4700 Optislick Bike Inner & Outer Cable Set

Shimano 105 5800 Tiagra 4700 Optislick Bike Inner & Outer Cable Set


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  • Item Description:

Upgrade Your Cycling Performance with the Complete OPTISLICK Gear Cable Set for 105 5800 and Tiagra 4700 Gears

Revitalize your gear shifting experience with the all-inclusive OPTISLICK gear cable set, meticulously designed to perfectly match 105 5800 and Tiagra 4700 gears. Whether you're fine-tuning your cycling machine or embarking on a full gear overhaul, this comprehensive set ensures a seamless and friction-free operation for enhanced performance on the road.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Ultimate Convenience: Simplify gear maintenance and installation with everything you need conveniently packaged in a single kit. This set provides a hassle-free solution for refreshing your gear cabling.

  • Precise Components: The set includes two 1.2 mm OPTISLICK inner wires, each measuring 2100 mm, ensuring a precise fit for your bike's shifting mechanism. Additionally, the kit contains a single 1700 mm SP41 outer casing, along with all required end caps.

  • OPTISLICK Technology: The OPTISLICK inner wires feature an electrically coated stainless steel construction that results in an ultra-smooth surface. This innovation reduces friction and minimizes sliding resistance, guaranteeing a responsive and efficient gear transition.

  • Lubricated Outer Casing: The SP41 outer casing boasts an internal application of low-friction silicone grease, delivering exceptional cable movement. This lubrication significantly reduces cable friction, allowing for smoother gear changes even in challenging conditions.

  • Advanced Construction: The SP41 outer casing employs a specialized directional wound construction process. This results in an axially stiff cable that accurately and swiftly transmits shifting movements, translating to precise gear changes when you need them most.

  • Polymer Sheath Lining: To ensure the inner wire's flawless operation, the outer casing is lined with a polymer sheath. This lining facilitates the inner wire's movement, guaranteeing consistent and dependable gear shifts throughout your rides.

Elevate your cycling experience with the Complete OPTISLICK Gear Cable Set. Whether you're a dedicated cyclist seeking optimized performance or a casual rider aiming for smoother gear changes, this set caters to your needs with precision and efficiency. Maintain your gear system effortlessly and ensure every pedal stroke counts.

Make your cycling journey more enjoyable by reducing friction and enhancing the accuracy of your gear shifts. Upgrade to the Complete OPTISLICK Gear Cable Set today and experience the difference in your cycling adventure.

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