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Revell Merkava Mk.III Tank Model Kit

Revell Merkava Mk.III Tank Model Kit


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  • Item Description:

Discover the high-precision model kit of the Merkava Mark III, an icon of military history and the most used tank of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) since its introduction in December 1989. This 1:72 scale model combines authenticity with detailed elaboration on 150 parts and offers an impressive replica with a length of 127 mm, a height of 39 mm and a width of 53 mm. For modelling enthusiasts aged 12 and over, this set is a level 4 challenge that requires experience in both gluing and painting. The rotating turret and the three machine guns (MGs) with ammunition boxes emphasise the technical details and combat readiness of the tank.

Scope of delivery

  • Unassembled plastic model kit of the Merkava Mk.IIIM
  • Illustrated, multilingual assembly instructions
  • Decals for authentic markings
  • Detailed replica with rotating turret and 3 MGs including ammunition boxes
  • This kit is aimed at advanced modellers (skill level 4) who have already gained experience in gluing and painting models. The complexity and level of detail require a certain amount of patience and precision, making it ideal for those who want to develop their skills.

Special features

  • Highly detailed design: The Merkava Mk.III model kit impresses with its exceptional attention to detail and realistic representation
  • Rotatable turret and functional MGs: These elements increase the realism and offer additional design options
  • Authentic decals: Allow for a faithful recreation of the original as seen in action with the IDF

The Merkava Mark III, introduced in December 1989, represents the third generation of the Merkava armoured vehicle family and was for a long time the main battle tank of the Israeli Defence Forces. Designed for maximum survivability on the battlefield, the Merkava Mk.III offers an interesting insight into military engineering and strategy with its unique design and advanced technologies. The model kit captures the essence of this powerful fighting vehicle and invites you to immerse yourself in the history and technology of modern armoured warfare.

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