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Renthal Padded Chainstay Frame Protector

Renthal Padded Chainstay Frame Protector


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Renthal Padded Chainstay Frame ProtectorsIt is always import to protect your frame and chain slap is one of the things that will occur on most types of bikes. These padded chainstay protectors will wrap around your chainstay and prevent your chain from chipping your frame.Low profile frame protection.Hook and Loop fabric fastening.Double stitched.Screen printed logo.Laser etched positioning grid for easy set up.4 Sizes available- XSmall/Length 250mm/Chainstay Size: Min - 50mm, Max - 80mm.- Small/Length 250mm/Chainstay Size: Min - 60mm, Max - 100mm.- Medium/Length 250mm/Chainstay Size: Min - 85mm, Max - 140mm.- Large/Length 250mm/Chain Stay Size: Min - 110mm, Max - 180mm.

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