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Park Tool HCW-6 Headset & Pedal Spanner Bike Tool

Park Tool HCW-6 Headset & Pedal Spanner Bike Tool


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Park Tool HCW-6 Headset Wrench

The Park Tool Headset & Pedal Wrench is a great tool for loosening and tightening 1" headsets and comes in handy when installing and removing pedals. Double ended and comprises a 32mm and 15mm wrench.


  • Part of a range of combination Headset wrenches that cover all bicycle requirements.
  • The Y-head design puts metal where it is needed for strength and durability.
  • The laser-cut openings are a precise fit, as this operation takes place after the heat treatment process.
  • Features a 32mm wrench for 1 inch headsets and 15mm pedal spanner.
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