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Onguard Mastiff 8022 C Bike Chain Lock

Onguard Mastiff 8022 C Bike Chain Lock


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The OnGuard range offers cutting edge top quality locks for your bike. The OnGuard brand specialises in locks not only for bikes, but motorbikes and power sports vehicles as well. The OnGuard Bicycle locks are categorised based on a High, Superior and Ultimate level to help finding the right lock for your needs.

The Mastiff 8022C Chain Lock is a user settable Steel Ball Combo lock permanently forged to a compact 8mm titanium reinforced hardened steel square link chain. The ultra secure user settable combination removes the inconvenience of losing keys. This lock provides Ultimate level protection in high crime areas. This Mastiff 8022C consists of a 80cm chain with huge titanium reinforced hexagonal and square links contributing to optimal hardness, making sawing and cutting virtually impossible. The titanium surface greatly increases the cut and saw resistance, while the tabs keep cover helps to protect paint and finishes. This lock is perfect for securely locking power sport vehicles, but also suits bikes.

  • Model: OnGuard Mastiff 8022C Bike Chain Lock.
  • Ultimate level security protection in high crime areas.
  • Settable Steel Ball Combo lock featuring 10,000 possible combinations.
  • 8mm titanium reinforced, hardened steel hexagonal link chain resists cutting or prying._
  • Chain cover protects paint and finishes, embroidered logo won’t flake or wear off.
  • Chain dimensions: 80cm x 8mm.
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