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Onguard Bulldog LS 8009 Bike D Lock

Onguard Bulldog LS 8009 Bike D Lock


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OnGuard Bulldog LS 8009 U-Lock - Silver Sold Secure Rating

The OnGuard range offers cutting edge top quality locks for your bike. The OnGuard brand specializes in locks not only for bikes, but motorbikes and power sports vehicles as well. The OnGuard Bicycle locks are categorized based on a High, Superior and Ultimate level to help finding the right lock for your needs. The OnGuard lock range also includes 'Sold Secure' rated locks. This means that the lock has been tested until failure by an independent party. The rating is based on the level of destruction the lock can withstand before failure. 'Sold Secure' is what many insurance companies insist on if you have your bike covered, with a Silver or Gold level usually being required.

The OnGuard Bulldog LS 8009 is a long-shackle version of the Bulldog U-lock range and provides high level security protection. This lock provides high level security portection and has a Silver Sold Secure rating. The Bulldog LS 8009 lock is equpped with an X2P Double Bolt Lock Mechanisms offering the best-in-class protection. The long shackle provides more versatile locking options and hence suits more environments. The TriRadius Shackle is made of hardened steel and is proven to resist all forms of cutting, prying or jacking. This lock is suitable for both bikes and power sport applications.

  • Model: Bulldog LS 8009 U-Lock.
  • High level security protection.
  • Silver Sold Secure Rating.
  • OnGuard Security Rating: 63/100.
  • Extra long shackle provides increased versatility for securing bikes and scooters.
  • Features X2P Double Locking Mechanism for best-in-class protection.
  • New Z-Cylinder is bump-proof and resists picking, pulling and drilling.
  • Rounded design and centered keyway eliminates pry points.
  • New crossbar and shackle coatings protect finishes.
  • Hardened steel TriRadius Shackle resists all forms of cutting, prying or jacking.
  • All-metal end caps provide additional protection against hits and drops.
  • Extra thick moulded end caps protects against bumps and hits.
  • 5 Laser cut keys, 1 with LED microlight.
  • Snap Lock Quick Release multi-position mounting bracket.
  • Shackle dimensions: 115mm x 292mm x 13mm (W x H x D).

Reliable and high quality U-lock that is guaranteed to keep your bike under maximum protection.

Description by Val, SDJ Sports.

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