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Mucky Nutz Butt Fender Rear Bike Mudguard

Mucky Nutz Butt Fender Rear Bike Mudguard


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Mucky Nutz Butt Fender Rear Mudguard - All Colours

Do you suffer from the rear wheel throwing mud and rainwater to your lower back region, which then soaks through to your derrière, leading to a very uncomfortable chafing feeling? Look no further with the Butt Fender!!The small Butt fender easily attaches to the saddle rails, with no need for additional fasteners. It is designed to hang over the rear wheel and protects the rider against 'soggy bottoms'. Features:
  • Designed to prevent soggy bottoms (i.e. your derrière getting soaked from the mud and rainwater thrown from your back wheel.)
  • Designed to be fitted as close as possible to the back face for optimum muck catching.
  • Designed to prevent the top of your seat post from getting clogged up.
  • Discretion is its middle name. It's small but effective.
  • No need for separate fasteners, so it's easy to fit and take off.
  • When off, it's easy to clean as it's flexible and opens flat. Simply wipe it and you're done.
  • Weight 18g
  • Colours All Colours
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