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Maxima Chameleon 600m Fishing Line

Maxima Chameleon 600m Fishing Line


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Maxima Chamleon 600m Spool

This is a line that offers quality, performance and reliability to all anglers.


  • Produced using unique chemical compositions and manufacturing processes
  • Optimum blend of strength and elasticity for superior fishing performance
  • Super tough, ultra reliable line with high tensile strength characteristics
  • Special surface coating prevents water absorption for consistent strength - wet or dry
  • Hardened surface provides superb abrasion resistance and extra high knot strength
  • Maxima Chameleon has the characteristics to change colour to adapt to its environment, making it the number one monofilament in the UK.
  • Maxima Chameleon mono is tough and abrasion resistant and is suitable for all types of angling
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