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Leeda Profil Flurocarbon 50mm Fishing Tippet

Leeda Profil Flurocarbon 50mm Fishing Tippet


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Leeda Profil Flurocarbon Fly Fishing Tippet

The Leeda Profile flurocarbon tippet is available in a range of sizes and is low stretch with high strength and is considered to be a superior fly fishing tippet.

The flurocarbon tippet has beed designed to have zero water absorption and a parallel refractive index to water. it also has excellent sinking properties along with ultimate knot strength.

Low stretch with high strength flurocarbon tippet.

  • Flurocarbon tippet.
  • Low Stretch..
  • High Strength.
  • Superior fly fishing tippet.
  • Lightweight.
  • Zero water absorption.
  • Parallel refractive index to water.
  • Excellent sinking properties.
  • Ultimate knot strength.

Size ranges:

  • 3lb, 50m, Dia. 0,125mm, 6x 1.36kg
  • 4lb, 50m, Dia. 0.145mm, 5x 1.81kg
  • 5lb, 50m, Dia. 0.165mm, 4x 2.27kg
  • 8lb, 50m, Dia. 0.225mm, 2x 3.63kg
  • 10lb, 50m, Dia. 0.245mm, 1x 4.54kg

Have zero water absorption and ultimate knot strength with the flurocarbon tippet.

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