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Gusset 1-ER 66c Campag Six Single Speed 18T Conversion Kit

Gusset 1-ER 66c Campag Six Single Speed 18T Conversion Kit


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Gusset Double-6C Single Speed Converter - Campagnolo Specific

Campy Single Speed convertor.

If you've got a Campag multiple speed rear wheel and you want to run single speed for a while, just switch the multiple speed cassette for this simple cog and spacer kit (will require the chain to be tensioned). The large 10mm wide foot on the CNC machined and drilled steel cog spreads the load over a greater surface area than a straight single cog and will significantly reduce the risk of the cog biting into your alloy freehub splines.


  • Superlight
  • Drilled, splined alloy spacers are offset to allow a degree of chainline adjustment
  • Supplied with an 18T cog
  • Suitable for Campagnolo 9, 10 and 11 speed freehub fitting
  • CNC machined steel Cog
  • Superlight drilled cog and spacers
  • 10mm wide foot avoids damage to freehub
  • Variable chainline offset
  • 5/64" Teeth fits 1-9speed chains.
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