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Contrast Presta to Schrader Bike Valve Adapter

Contrast Presta to Schrader Bike Valve Adapter


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Contrast Alloy Anodized Valve Adaptor

Bored of the same old looking brass adaptors kicking around in your saddle bag?We have come across some anodized alloy adaptors in Blue, Red, Silver and of course gold just in case you like the brass look.

The adaptors convert Presta valves to Schrader fittings allowing you to use a hand pump, foot pump and even a compressor down at the pewtrol station.

As they are alloy, the weight is almost nothing and they won't corrode if your saddle bag gets wet.


Anodized alloy adaptor.

Converts Presta valve to Schrader valve.

One random colour adaptor supplied.

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