Swimming Accessories Buying Guide

Swimming Accessories Buying Guide

There are a number of accessories that you can buy to go along with goggles or masks. Swimming is very accessible as a sport, and the below items can make swimming more enjoyable or speed you up if you are racing or doing an event like a triathlon.


    The new 'Jammers' or 'Aquashorts' are a now a popular alternative for men to traditional swim trunks or briefs. They are lightweight, close fitting and very aerodynamic made with low friction fabrics to enable your body to glide through the water as fast as

    possible. Most are now made with chlorine resistant material to improve longevity.

    Swimshorts are also popular for more novice swimmers and perfect for the beach or non-fitness swimming use.

    Swim costumes have also come a long way for female swimmers, with the cut and fit being as aero as possible and the fabrics being slick and quick drying.

Swim Caps

    Are used to make you more streamlined in the water and are also important to protect your hair from chlorine in pools, they can also keep your head warm or used as a marker of an age category or skill level for example in a triathlon. Swim caps come in a variety of materials from latex (less durable) to silicone (more strong and durable) to neoprene which are aimed at open water use for improved warmth.

Training Aids

    These are used to help experienced swimmers build strength and endurance, there are many different types of kit which focus on different areas of your body;

    Hand paddles – these plastic paddles fit onto your hands and are designed to strengthen the back, chest, arms and shoulders as well as helping to improve technique.

    Kick Boards – Can be used by all levels of swimmer from kids to serious racers. They provide an isolated leg workout and this means that kick technique can be improved. For kids, they provide buoyancy when learning and also help keep their faces out of the water when learning to swim.

    Pull Buoys – Are small pieces of foam aimed at advanced swimmers, and used in order to give an isolated workout and perfect positioning as you often are forced to hold them in pace with your muscles. They also give buoyancy so that the body is flatter and more streamlined in the water when training.

    Training Fins – For your feet can be used to improve lower body strength and ankle flexibility. They can also help you train at a faster speed.

    Anti - Fog Spray – Perfect for restoring the anti - fog coating on your goggles or mask.

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