Stunt Scooter Buying Guide

Stunt Scooter Buying Guide

The scooter has changed quite a bit over the last 5 years. The scooter has been around for a long time but had never evolved from the bone shaking ride that would throw you over the bars as soon as the front wheel touched a tiny stone. There had been an effort in the mid-80s of a BMX style scooter called the Scootex. These were popular for a few years but died out fairly quickly. Then in the 00's the Micro scooter was everywhere. They were fast and they were cool. Very quickly the likes of JDBug started release non folding versions of the Micro Scooters and then they went viral. With kids and adult posting videos on You Tube of what would normally only be attempted on a BMX every kid wanted a Stunt Scooter.

The scooter had been reborn. Alloy decks could be anodized, they were much lighter and could be made in shapes that steel scooters could never be made into. The wheels got new alloy cores making them stronger and lighter. The handlebar bearings were sealed units not plastic shims anymore. And the sizing was the same as a mountain bike headset bearing so these could be customised very easily.

With this explosion of popularity, the scooter dominates most skate parks and you will quite often see the school bike sheds full of scooters.

Now the dust has settled a bit you can get a very high quality stunt scooter starting from around £50. These may have a plastic wheel but these can be upgraded easily. As the price rises you start looking at anodized parts, alloy wheels, marble two tone tyres and cromoly T-bars. You can even get a custom colour now with Oil Slick rainbow effect and Neo black are on some very well priced Team Dogz scooters, these have been very popular since their launch.

Wheel sizes on stunt scooters range from 100mm, 110mm to 120mm now with 100 and 110 being the most common. All of these a fine for all ages however a child aged 5 or 6 would be able to use the 100mm Stunt Scooter a bit easier as the deck is shorter.

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