Running Shoe Lace Buying Guide

Running Shoe Lace Buying Guide

Lock laces have fast become a very popular piece of kit for all types of fitness runners, triathletes or off road trail runners. The basic idea is to replace the laces in your trainers with the lock laces which can be easily set to your perfect fit by being adjusted with the locking toggle. The real bonus is that you no longer need to tie your shoe laces, you can simply loosen the toggle and then easily adjust to fit with no knots. Many consider this to be a more consistent and comfortable set up than tying a normal lace every time. Lock laces also have some give due to the presence of elastic in the cord (again simply adjusted with the toggle) compared to laces so can be more comfortable on the top of your foot. There is also the time saving benefit so if you are in a hurry, eg a quick 5k run you can just throw your trainers on and off you go. Lock laces are almost standard equipment in triathlon events where every second counts in transitions. Lock laces not come in a variety of types;

Standard Lock Laces

    These come in a range of colours so you can match them to your trainers or outfits, and were the first to hit the market. They offer a lock and clip system that keep laces secure and tight. As such they are ideal for triathlons, marathons, general gym use or team sports.

Reflective Lock Laces

    These offer all the benefits of a standard lock lace but are also reflective so are safer in low light conditions or at night to make yourself more visible to cars, pedestrians or cyclists. They are great for early morning, evening or night runs and also come in different colours.

Trail Lock Laces

    These laces are aimed primarily at trail and off road runners but are also used by road runners who want limited stretch in the cord as these laces have less 'give'. They are also popular for people going hiking who don't want to have to tie their boot laces particularly in very cold conditions where exposure to extreme cold (eg when taking gloves off to tie laces) can be hazardous!

Flat Lock Laces

    These are a flat profile lock lace with soft material but limited stretch compared to standard or reflective lock lace. They come in a variety of colours and have reflective hints in the thread so they are also a safer option for night or low light running conditions.
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