Kid's Swimming Goggles Buying Guide

Kid's Swimming Goggles Buying Guide

I think everyone remembers learning to swim and how important a pair of nicely fitting goggles were to you, particularly essential to mitigate the risk of chlorine present in pool water stinging young eyes. As such, goggles are actually an essential piece of kit, not only for protecting the eyes from chlorine but also invaluable in helping to build a child's confidence in the water because of this.

There are now many different colours, sizes and types of goggles for kids and they are classed as Infant, which are for children aged 2 to 6 years, and Junior which are designed for the 6 to 14 year old age group. Most of these goggles come in bright fun colours and are soft and flexible so they are easy to fit to your child's face.

Infant Goggles (2 to 6 years old)

    The three main priorities here are comfort, a good seal and finally a bright fun colour so that smaller children actually want to wear them in the first place. It is really important that the fit is good and that the child is happy wearing them so it is often a good idea to test fit them at home before using for the first time a pool, to ensure your child is comfortable, happy and the fit is sound.

Junior Goggles (6 to 14 years old)

    Junior goggles now have more options regarding style and shape and there are masks, racing goggles or general sport / fitness goggles. Some of these goggles can actually fit adults with smaller faces. Mask style goggles are popular for Juniors as they offer a good seal, wide vison so are perfect for holiday use.
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