Hybrid Bike Buying Guide

Hybrid Bike Buying Guide


Hybrid Bikes make for great city bikes as they're tailor made to transport the individual from A-B. People use Hybrid Bikes for everyday purposes such as commuting to work or school and even as an alternative form of transportation to using a car or public transport.

A Hybrid Bike is a cross between a Road Bike and a Mountain Bike. There are many different types of Hybrids and there are some that are more like a Road Bike and some that are closer to a Mountain Bike. Commuter Bikes can also be referred to as a Hybrid Bike, a City Bike or a Recreational Bike. A Folding Bike is also a popular version of this particular range of bicycle. They successfully combine elements of both Road and Mountain Bike design. This makes for a supremely versatile bike that is perfect for everyday use as it offers speed without sacrificing strength or comfort. These bikes are an extremely popular choice with customers that require a bike for a multitude of uses and are sometimes designed to be Gents or Ladies specific.

Trekking Hybrid Bike:

    Trekking Hybrid Bikes are an excellent way for cyclists to have the best of both worlds in one bike. A Mountain Bike style robust frame often fitted with slim semi slick tyres make it ideal for commuting throughout the week and for leisure rides during weekends. It can be very simple to tailor a basic Trekking Hybrid Bike to your specific requirements and to suit your favoured style of riding. This can be achieved with careful consideration to wheel size (either 26" or 700c), tyres (slick or knobbly), adjustable stems and pannier racks. Trekking style bikes sometimes come fitted with front suspension and we would generally refer to this type of Trekking Hybrid Bike as a Trail Hybrid, named as such as its more suitable for trail riding. A Trail Hybrid is a great compromise for canal toe-path/reservoir type riding as the suspension will take some of the shock out of the bumps and the upright riding position of the Hybrid will allow the rider to remain in full control of the bike at all times.

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