How to Choose the Best Stunt Scooter

How to Choose the Best Stunt Scooter

Freestyle scooting has quickly gained popularity among kids, teens, and even adults, becoming a sport that is taking over skate parks all over the world! But scooting has not only become a sport to enjoy at your leisure time, it also has become a frequent means of transport. Stunt scooters, or kick scooters as they are also referred to, are a great way of encouraging kids to go outside and be active, as well as a fun and quicker way of getting to school or work, compared to walking. Brands such as MPG, Lucky, Blunt Envy and Grit, to name a few, have gained massive popularity with aspirational pro riders, offering higher end scooters, while setting the benchmark for the rest of the retailers in this arena.  Still, with such high demand for scooters, there are thousands of retailers, especially online, offering a multitude of scooters in different design variations, colours, and materials to suit every budget and customer.

But with so many offerings, how do you choose the best stunt scooter for you? Continue reading for our best tips on how to find the most suitable scooter, whether you are a beginner, a pro or just an enthusiast.  


The Scooter Rider

When it comes to choosing stunt scooters, one of the most important aspects to consider is the height and skill level of the prospective rider. Stunt scooters are non-adjustable, so the scooter bar needs to ideally fit the rider. The scooter bars should fall somewhere around the hip and waist area, while the rider is standing on the scooter deck. If you are buying the scooter from a shop, the prospective rider can easily try out the scooter to see if the scooter if a fit height-wise. If you are considering buying a stunt scooter online, it would be a good idea to measure the prospective rider’s length from his waist to the floor while he is standing up and then finding out the inner scooter fork length, i.e., the length from the scooter deck up to the handlebars (please see point C. on the diagram below) of the scooter you are considering buying. If you are a more experienced rider however, you might prefer the handlebars slightly higher as it provides more room for stunts. Following the rules of thumb above when choosing a scooter, will ensure that you get a scooter that will provide more comfort for the rider as well as optimise the balance when performing tricks.

Stunt scooter measurements


The Material

Naturally, top quality robust materials are essential for stunt scooters. The more high-quality the material of the scooter, the better the endurance of the scooter when performing hours of stunts and tricks. The robustness of the material also directly contributes to the sturdiness and stability of the scooter itself. Single or triple aluminium deck, steel or aluminium bars and fork with anodised coating, will not only make the finish on the scooter last longer, but will also make the scooter itself withstand wear and tear better. Other things to consider include PU (Polyurethane – a material superior to rubber) casted wheels which provide exceptional grip, at least 100mm in diameter, as well as aluminium anodized alloy cores and headsets and clamp sets. However, make sure to stay away from investing in scooters with any hard plastic components, as they will not withstand wear and tear nearly as well as the materials mentioned above.


The Design

Many people only consider looks when choosing a scooter, and it’s understandable. Stunt scooters nowadays come in an endless number of shades, tones, and design variations. Riders usually enjoy a slick, but uniquely looking scooter, that will make them stand out at the skate park or on the school run.

In recent years, scooters with full Neochrome finishes (also referred to as Jet Fuel, Oil Slick or Rainbow Finish) have gained massive popularity as they tend to catch the light nicely and really have that eye popping effect. T styles bars are the most popular design, providing the scooter with extra stiffness and strength.


Our Scooter Range

Be sure to check out our versatile stunt scooter range, which also ticks all the boxes discussed above. Our 1080 and Contrast Scooter range is exclusive to SDJ Sports and have been crafted with a focus on providing premium stunt scooters on par with leading trick scooter brands such as MGP, Grit and Apex for half the price. Our bestsellers include our fully Neo chrome anodised scooters in different sizes and varying designs depending on age and height. They are all perfect for beginner and pro scooters riders and are suitable for preforming hardcore stunts in the skatepark or just for everyday use during the school run. 



The 1080 Judge

Our 1080 Judge range offers a more spec’d out scooter while still maintaining an affordable price point. Crafted from lightweight alloy with CNC machined details, the 1080 Judge not only looks amazing, but offer a light, flick-able riding characteristic that makes pulling off sick tricks so much easier. The increased 110mm diameter alloy core PU wheels offer superb grip on the ramp, while hollowed-out neck reduces the weight without affecting the overall strength of the scooter. Our bestselling scooter, the 1080 Judge Neo Chrome Rush, comes in an anodised full Neochrome jet fuel finish with cool 1080 graphics, making it one of the most stunning looking scooters on the market right now. Suitable for riders aged 8 years and above.

1080 judge stunt scooter


The 1080 Jury

Crafted from the same high-quality material as our Judge Pro Stunt Scooter, the 1080 Jury range offers a premium scooter at a more affordable price by shaving off some cosmetic features of the Judge. The 1080 Jury Stunt Scooter in Neo chrome, also our top selling scooter, offers exceptional value for money, due to its stunning fully anodised Neochrome finish and slick build. Recommended for riders from age 6 and above.



The Contrast Zone

The Contrast Zone range has been crafted to provide premium colour options on a more affordable scooter. Built from high quality aluminium with a hollowed out head tube, the Contrast Zone Stunt Scooter provides a light and flick-able scooter in the air with the toughness to withstand every failed landing. Rolling on high quality ABEC bearing 110mm alloy core wheels with PU88a tyres, this kick scooter provides excellent grip on ramps and concrete with the durability needed for years of riding. Riser style handlebars offer the strength needed for stunt riding combined with a comfortable hand position while scooting to the stunt park or school. The Contrast Zone in Neochrome, also one of our best-selling scooters, offers a head turning scooter with an immaculate Neochrome finish that will stand the test of time. Suitable for riders from 8 years and above.

 Contrast Stunt Scooter

View out full scooter range here.

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