Cycling Jersery Buying Guide

Cycling Jersery Buying Guide

At SDJ Sports we stock a wide variety of cycling jerseys for men, women and children. They can be purchased in a range of fabrics, colours, style of fit and brands. Whether you are looking for an economic brand to kit out your family for enjoyable weekend rides or high end technical clothing for competition situations, we aim to cover all ends of the market. Staff are always happy to advise on what is most suitable for your needs and can assist with particular brand sizing quirks.

As a rule, the benefits to purchasing cycle specific jerseys is down to the types of material used in the manufacturing process. Most brands will incorporate a medium designed to wick sweat directly away from your skin to prevent chafing and general discomfort, enabling you to ride longer and perform better. A seasonal cycling wardrobe is definitely advised. Short sleeve tops, either with full, half or no zip can really assist with keeping you cool and sweat free on the long hot days in the summer. Conversely, long sleeve tops teamed with a good quality base layer can keep your muscles warm and your torso sweat free when you are pushing hard through autumn and winter.

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