Camelbak Recall Notice - Podium & Peak Fitness Water Bottles

Camelbak Recall Notice - Podium & Peak Fitness Water Bottles

We have been notified about a safety recall notice on a selected range of Camelback bottles. If you have purchased any of the effected items, please follow the instructions below and stop using the product immediately.

Statement from Camelbak

Out of an abundance of caution and for the safety of our customers CamelBak Products LLC (“CamelBak”) is voluntarily recalling certain caps across three dates codes that were sold with the CamelBak Podium and Peak Fitness water bottles due the possibility that a small silicone valve in the cap of three specific date codes of caps could release and pose a potential choking hazard.

The three impacted date codes are the following:

  • H19039
  • H19063
  • H19175

If your cap does not have one of the three listed date codes, your cap is not subject to the recall, and you do not need to take any action.

We value our customers safety and are committed to full transparency, which is the reason we elected to voluntarily report this to Trading Standards and recall the caps.

To request a free Black Replacement Cap: Send your Name, Address, Cap Date Code, and a Photo of the underside of the Cap showing the Date Code to:

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