Body Care Buying Guide

Body Care Buying Guide

Body care for cyclists isn't really the first thing you think of when buying a bike but the more miles you intend to cycle, the more you should look into body care products. Most clothing brands now offer some form of body care cream either as a chamois cream or a recovery cream for your skin.

Body care for cyclists is readily available. The likes of Assos, Paceline and DZNutz offer some great skin creams. The most common cycling cream is Chamois cream. When cycling your legs are moving up and down which creates a small rocking motion on the saddle and it's this motion that can cause rubbing on the sitting bones. Chamois cream is applied before a long ride to help prevent chaffing and rubbing. Working as a barrier it helps to keep your skin from rubbing on the chamois in your shorts. This ideally will enable you to do more mileage more frequently and recover quicker.

Another product is skin repair cream. This is used after a ride and helps the skin to repair quickly. Most brands are un-perfumed and are suitable for all skin types.

Road cyclist sometimes shave their legs and some hair removal creams make this job easier. Hair is removed from the legs to aid massage and makes for a smoother surface to clean in the event of a fall.

Finally, embrocation cream is used by many now. This helps to warm the skin in the colder months. This is available in Low Heat and High heat depending on your personal preference.

These products have historically only been popular with road bike riders but more and more cyclists are using Body care products for their cycling.

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