BMX Bike Buying Guide

BMX Bike Buying Guide

BMX bikes have been around for a long time now. The sport dipped in and out of fashion for a good many years. Now there seems to be a steady following for the extreme sport.

There are a few different categories for BMX as with most other bike types.

BMX Racing - This is the type of BMX riding you see in the Olympics where they start all together at the top of a gated mound. The gate is released and all riders sprint as fast as possible to the first jump. Due to the sharp corners and jumps on these tracks there are often crashes and some huge jumps which makes for a thrilling sport to watch.

BMX Ramp Riding – Probably the most popular reason to own a BMX. With ramps popping up in many Cities, Towns and rural Villages riding your BMX down the ramps is a fairly social sport and as with all BMX riding, a great way to stay fit. This style was really made popular that to the Extreme Games. Many Pro BMX riders travel from all over the world to compete in this televised completion. Half pipes, spines and bowls offer a different way of performing trick down the ramps. Some aim to pull tricks as high as possible and others choose a more technical style. Many just try and learn as much as they can.

Flatland – You don't see some many Flatland bikes or riders about these days. Mainly due to the popularity of the other 2 disciplines. Don't think that this is a small part of BMX culture though. Events are held all over the world for Flatland BMX competitions. Imagine breakdancing on a BMX. It all about how many tricks you can string together with just you and your bike and a FLAT bit of ground. These riders need to have great balance and a fast mind. Some of the tricks rarely have both wheels on the ground and the spins are as fast as an Ice Skater.

So most BMX bikes you will see for sale will be for ramp riding. Only specialist BMX shops are likely to carry Flatland and Race BMXs. Brands like Hoffman, GT, Haro and We The People are amongst some of the most popular brands in the UK. As riders improve they may choose to go for a more niche brand like FIT or Sunday. Some of these BMX bikes can get into the £000's but they are usually a one size fits all so you won't grow out of it and due to the quality of the componentry and no gears to break they last for a very long time.

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