Bike Storage Buying Guide

Bike Storage Buying Guide

Bike storage can be a pain when you are tight on space. Floor stands can be suitable for one or more bikes if you have the room. Wall mounting brackets can be handy if you don't. Some wall brackets are hinged so when you mount your bike you can then fold flat towards the wall. Others like CLUGS are small and discreet and grip the front tyre on the wall whilst the rear tyre rests on the ground.

Other brackets are arms that protrude from the wall. Feedback and Peruzzo have some quality storage solutions in their range that work in this manner. The bike simply is hung by its cross bar by the arms of the rack.

A work stand if you have one can also be doubled as your storage rack. A home work stand is quite a common piece of equipment for many cyclists. It is easier to work on your bike when using one of these and can be handy when cleaning your bike too. Park Tools and Feedback offer some of the better work stands on the market. These are light and easy to use and won't damage your bike.

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