Bike Mirror Buying Guide

Bike Mirror Buying Guide

Mirrors for bikes have been around for many years. Although until recently they have been quite large items that wouldn't have looked out of place when towing a caravan. Brands like Zefal have been supporting a mirror range for a number of years now and the styling has become more compact and more adaptable to almost every type of bike and riding style. Of course the commuter is the main cyclist that will use this product. The good news is that there is loads of choice now for dozens of brands making all types of mirror.

Cycle Mirrors are not a product required by many but for those who prefer not to look behind them whilst cycling they can provide a handy safety device. With the recent growth of commuting by bike, cycle mirrors have become a more important stock item for most shops.

Many quality brands make cycle mirrors. Zefal, Mirrycle, Blackburn and Raleigh are the most popular brands offering mirrors. The older styles are usually a circular mirror lens with a metal extension arm for positioning. Many of the newer versions tend to have a moulded plastic extension arm that can pivot and the mirror lenses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. These versions can simply slot inside the end of your handle bar or over your grip and you use it as you would a wing mirror on your car. They can be very useful whilst sitting in traffic. There are also models for road bikes that fit to the tops of the STI shifters.

Regardless of their fit they all do the same job and that is to keep you aware of what is going on around you.

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