Bike Car Rack Buying Guide

Bike Car Rack Buying Guide

There are many Car Racks available on the market these days. You can now pick up a car rack for as little as £19.99. Sadly, not every rack will fit every car. They're not always great quality either. Invariably your car and bike will be worth a reasonable amount of money so this is one area that we wouldn't recommend skimping on. Spend enough money to buy a quality branded rack that will not cause you any problems. At SDJ Sports we have more than 20 years' experience of fitting car racks directly on to people's cars and more often than not we would fit the cheaper model first and then the more expensive one. 9 times out of 10 the more expensive one would be purchased.

As with most things you get what you pay for. The quality of the branded car racks by far supersede the cheaper unknown brands. At SDJ Sports our favourite brands are Contrast, Saris, Avenir and Peruzzo. All of these brands have good fitting guides and are great quality.

Avenir specialise in roof mounted car racks and tow bar racks. You can choose between steel or alloy versions to help keep the weight down.

Saris are probably the most innovative rack brand out there. A lifetime guarantee means you can trust this plastics specialist to hold your bikes safely onto you boot. Their range consists or 1,2 and 3 bike racks for the boot as well as more specialist racks for spare wheel fitting and tow bars.

Peruzzo offer some great car racks again in all types of fittings. They offer models to fit over and around large spoilers and offer some great roof rack fittings that fit onto other branded roof rails. Peruzzo racks are often available at great discounts from us so you will always be guaranteed great value from this brand.

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