Bike Bag and Boxes Buying Guide

Bike Bag and Boxes Buying Guide


There is quite a large offering of bike bags and boxes available now. Some are suitable for just keeping the car clean where others are more suitable for taking your bike around the world by plane.

If you are just looking keep your car clean there are a few options. Nylon zipped bags have been around for years and probably still the most popular. Some are wheeled and others just have a plastic base. Bike skirts slip under the bike and just surround the wheels and chain line. These are nowhere near as robust but will catch most of the dirt and grime at a fraction of the cost.

If you intend putting your bike on a plane then you will require something a little more substantial. Travelling overseas with a bike is pretty common these days and protecting your bike is of paramount importance.

Hard case bags or boxes are generally used for travelling that bit further afield. When you take a bike on a plane you need to protect your bike from the loading and un-loading process at the airport. A good quality hard case bike bag will cope with being thrown about and will protect your bike. Brands like Evoc, Polaris and Ultimate Hardware offer some great bags at very reasonable prices. There are 2 main choices of material. The first lighter weight option is an EVA bike box. These have shaped structure to them but are not solid. The second option is a polymer hardcase. These are very stiff when clamped together fully and inner struts are in place but, these are a bit more expensive than the EVA offering.

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