Base Layer Buying Guide

Base Layer Buying Guide

There is a choice of a wide variety of base layers to assist performance in all climates. Providing various brands for both men and women in many sizes and colours we highly recommend this vital piece of clothing for your cycling wardrobe.

Often manufactured to provide an ergonomic fit, many brands incorporate seamless stitching for maximum comfort and ease of movement. Designed from high tech fabrics to enable sweat to be wicked away from your skin, they assist in creating a pocket of air between skin and clothing to maintain a constant body temperate and aid optimum performance.

Selecting the appropriate weight base layer with a seasonally correct cycling top or jersey will make both winter and summer rides far more comfortable. Our staff are always on hand to advise you on a suitable purchase and can help with information regarding the difference between merino and cotton for example.econd you get your bike. You might like it…..

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