Size Guides

Buying sporting equipment, particularly if via mail order can be difficult especially if you do not have an idea of the size of product you need or a new to a particular sport or hobby it can be quite daunting. As such we have created size guides to try and help you find the right product!

Particularly with cycling, size is very important and buying the wrong size bike could lead to muscular strains and an uncomfortable riding position which then can lead on to poor bike handling which in turn can be dangerous, particularly if you are using your bike on the road.

We have created size guides for Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Kids Bikes, Hybrid and Commuter Bikes as well as BMX bikes so please take a look and we do hope that they are of assistance.

In respect of individual items that require sizing we always try to include this information in the product description. For example, a helmet size will be shown in CM and will show the min and max head size that each helmet size (eg Small. Medium or Large) will cater for. Other sized sports products we sell include goggles where different aged swimmers require different goggles, again these guidelines are shown in the individual product descriptions.

We do know that getting the size right first time is very important so please do not hesitate to call us for any advice on 01487 830402 or email us at and our friendly staff will be able to discuss any sizing questions or general advice you may require.