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Tamiya Mercedes Benz 300SL 1:24 Scale Car Model Kit

Tamiya Mercedes Benz 300SL 1:24 Scale Car Model Kit


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The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL is a piece of automobile legend, the famed German maker's super sports car with gull wings that once were seen, were never forgotten. It was a 1954 release, and drew largely upon a successful racing prototype from 2 years earlier, inheriting the inner mechanics of a race car and THAT sublime silhouette.

What could the world do but embrace such a thing of beauty? In fact, the gull wings were not only an aesthetic masterstroke, they were born of necessity: the 300 SL's state-of-the-art tubular space frame made the use of "regular" side-opening doors somewhat impractical. The body had in fact received a few minor tweaks from the original prototype, resulting in a more elegant road-going sports car-esque appearance. Power was provided by an inline-6 engine that featured direct injection technology (a world first) that generated 215hp and a considerable amount of speed. Naturally, fans across the world clamored (and still do) to get their hands on the 300 SL.

  • This is a 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL
  • Length: 188mm
  • Width: 75mm
  • Height: 53mm
  • The complex tubular space frame is given a breathtaking rendition in 1/24 scale. It is constructed in the same way as that of the actual car
  • The sporty yet elegant form of the body is captured magnificently
  • Gull wing doors are moving, and can be left in open position.
  • The engine hood also opens, to reveal the realistic recreation of the 300 SL's inline-6 engine
  • Nylon mesh is included to recreate the front intakes
  • Metal transfers are provided to depict mirror surfaces and logos
  • Features realistic synthetic rubber tires
  • Take some time to drink in the excellent accuracy in the recreation of the elegant 300 SL form
  • The car's iconic gull wing doors are opening, as is the engine hood. Stay parts are included to prop them open
  • The model authentically captures the inline-6 engine at its distinctive cant used to achieve the low-nose form
  • Metal transfers are used to recreate logos such as the Mercedes-Benz emblem, giving a high-quality finish
  • Nylon mesh is included in the kit to enable realistic depiction of the air intakes inside the front grille
  • Separate parts are used to recreate the fender air outlets, metal plated parts providing the finishing touch
  • The tubular space frame was cutting edge, used widely among racing cars at the time. It is breathtakingly recreated
  • The model gives a real understanding of the 300 SL layout including engine, prop shaft and gas tank
  • Clear under guard parts are included. Leave them unpainted to appreciate the frame, even after completion
  • Don't forget the interior, which offers a great level of detail including instrumentation depicted with decals
  • Bucket seats really emphasize the sporty nature of the 300 SL, which has its roots in a prototype racing car
  • Bumper parts are included to recreate U.S. or European spec 300 SL models.
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