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Sun Race M96 Thumb Bike Shifter

Sun Race M96 Thumb Bike Shifter


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Sun Race M96 Thumb Shifters

The Sun Race M96 handlebar clamp shifters consist of a lefthand friction shifter and the option of an 8 or 9 speed righthand shifter. These can be purchased as a set or as individual units.


  • Clamp on lefthand friction thumb shifter
  • Clamp on 8 or 9 speed righthand thumb shifter
  • Actuation Ratio 2:1
  • Speed 8 or 9
  • Colour Black/Silver
  • Weight 87g each

Choose from the following:

  • Left friction shifter only
  • Right 8 speed shifter only
  • Right 9 speed shifter only
  • Left and right 8 speed shifter set
  • Left and right 9 speed shifter set
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