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Knog Cobber Big Rear Bike Light

Knog Cobber Big Rear Bike Light


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Knog Cobber Cycle Lights

Australian bicycle accessories brand Knog have been innovating again and yet again they have produced a superior product, in this case the Cobber Lights.

Available in 3 Cobber options; Big, Mid and Lil.

The stand out feature of this new Cobber light is the 330° of light that is produced, meaning cyclists can be clearly seen from both sides as well as the front and rear. In an increasingly busy world, this bike light is brilliantly effective at attracting attention and helps to keep cyclists safe.

Packing a whopping 470 lumens in the big Cobber through to 110 lumens in the Lil Cobber these lights are seriously bright. Other notable features include their integrated USB recharging, meaning you can just plug it into your computer to charge, it is 100% waterproof as you would expect and there is even the ability to programme the light modes making it fully customisable.

The Knog Cobbers are possibly the best commuter bike lights available.

  • 3 Channels - Place on steerer or seat post for 330° beam and vertical flash patterns.
  • Eyesaver mode - Switch to eyesaver mode when placing front light on your handlebars.
  • Chip on board ("COB" LED) - More compact and efficient technology.
  • Handy USB Charge - Light plugs directly into your wall USB or computer.
  • Quick release mount - Fit Aero & standard bars, steerers & seatposts. 3 straps included.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • 330° Visibility.


  • Weights: Big 60g / Mid 40g / Lil 25g
  • Front Lumens: Big 470 / Mid 320 / Lil 110
  • Rear Lumens: Big 270 / Mid 170 / Lil 50
  • Eyesaver mode.
  • 330° visibility.
  • Chip on board.
  • Programmable modes.
  • For day & night.
  • Integrated USB rechargeable.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Fits standard & aero handlbars (3 straps included).

Big Cobber

Mode Lumens Runtime
Max Steady 280 (Front) / 160 (Rear) 2.5hrs (Front) / 2hrs (Rear)
Flash 470 (Front) / 270 (Rear) 9hrs (Front) / 6.5hrs (Rear)
Eco Flash 35 (Front) / 15 (Rear) 120hrs (Front) / 100hrs (Rear)

Mid Cobber

Mode Lumens Runtime
Max Steady 200 (Front) / 75 (Rear) 2.5hrs (Front) / 2hrs (Rear)
Flash 320 (Front) / 170 (Rear) 9hrs (Front) / 6.5hrs (Rear)
Eco Flash 25 (Front) / 15 (Rear) 120hrs (Front) / 100hrs (Rear)

Lil Cobber

Mode Lumens Runtime
Max Steady 70 (Front) / 30 (Rear) 1.5hrs (Front) / 1.4hrs (Rear)
Flash 110 (Front) / 50 (Rear) 10hrs (Front) / 7hrs (Rear)
Eco Flash 20 (Front) / 10 (Rear) 60hrs (Front) / 40hrs (Rear)
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