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Shimano SH-51 SPD Single-Release Bike Pedal Spare Part

Shimano SH-51 SPD Single-Release Bike Pedal Spare Part

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  • Description:

Shimano SH51 SPD MTB Cleats Single-Release Genuine Shimano replacement part. Shimano SM-SH51 Single Release Cleats are recommended for all MTB SPD pedals except PD-M858. To release the cleat you twist your heel outwards.

This Cleat Set can also be used on the following pedals:

  • Shimano XTR SPD PD-M980
  • Shimano XTR SPD PD-M970
  • Shimano SPD PD-M959
  • Shimano Deore XT SPD PD-M785
  • Shimano Deore XT SPD PD-M780
  • Shimano Deore XT SPD PD-M770
  • Shimano Deore XT PD-M747
  • Shimano DX SPD PD-M647
  • Shimano DX SPD PD-M646
  • Shimano SPD PD-M636
  • Shimano SPD PD-M545
  • Shimano SPD PD-M540
  • Shimano SPD PD-M536
  • Shimano SPD PD-M535
  • Shimano SLX SPD PD-M530
  • Shimano SPD PD-M520
  • Shimano SPD PD-M515
  • Shimano SPD PD-M505
  • Shimano SPD PD-M434
  • Shimano SPD PD-M424
  • Shimano SPD PD-M324
  • Shimano SPD PD-A600
  • Shimano SPD PD-A530
  • Shimano SPD PD-A525
  • Shimano SPD PD-A520
  • Shimano SPD PD-A515
  • Shimano Click’R PD-MT50
  • Shimano Deore XT SPD PD-T780
  • Shimano Click’R PD-T700
  • Shimano Click’R PD-T420
  • Shimano Click’R PD-T400
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