Bike Saddle Buying Guide

Bike Saddle Buying Guide

Upgrading your Saddle can really help improve the comfort of your bike. If you are new to leisure cycling, a common purchase is a more padded or sprung Saddle. Some comfort saddles are now constructed with gel inserts for even more comfort.

Saddles aimed at more experienced cyclists offer many differences such as Saddle width to suit different width sitting bones, they can be lighter weight with titanium or carbon fibre rails, use higher quality materials such as leather and some offer cut outs aimed to reduce pressure on certain parts of the body.

As the saddle is the most weighted contact point on your bike comfort and fit is very important. There are measuring systems to enable you to get the best fit for you bone structure and ride position and many brands offer 30 day free returns on a purchased saddle if it is uncomfortable.

Saddle Covers

There is now a huge range of extras even for your saddle. Whether you want a little extra comfort, a bit of protection again the weather or if you want to personalise your bike a bit, these covers will have you….well…..covered.

Some of the products available include waterproof covers, gel covers and covers simply just for customising your bike.

Waterproof covers are used mainly by commuters to keep their saddles protected at work or at the train station. These are made mainly by accessory brands however there are some available like the Altura Night Vision cover that is made by a clothing brand. This particular model is fully waterproof and offers a quality 3M reflective strip to the rear for visibility.

Gel covers have been around for years. Many use these for extra padding on an otherwise uncomfortable saddle. Now you can get these in varying thicknesses and even with contoured sections for your sit bones to help prevent bruising and discomfort. Generally, these are a one size fits all product and have a draw string at the back so pull them tight over the saddle.

Custom covers have become more popular again over the last few years. Cruiser style bikes have some weird and wacky paint schemes and brands like Basil and Dawes use these custom covers for the finishing touch on these great looking bikes. These are available on their own starting from around £5 and up depending on quality.

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