Bike Bar Tape Buying Guide

Bike Bar Tape Buying Guide

As bar tape is one of your contact points on a bike it is worth using some quality tape.

Handlebar tape comes in different thicknesses and stretch. Usually the thick the tape the more comfort it will offer. If you tend to ride in one position you can use the stretch of the tape to install it thicker on those well used hand positions and thinner on the positions, you don't use. If you suffer from sore hands after riding and you do move over the bars and use all positions, you can get gel pads to fit under the bar tape. These are great for long rides or if you suffer with feeling the vibrations in your hands. A good padded glove also works well, especially if you both together.

It is available in every colour you can think of so you can get it to match your bike or just to customise it from the norm.

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